Faster systems acceptance for all copper and fiber certification jobs.

Cabling Certification – Versiv™

DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™     CertiFiber®Pro     OptiFiber®Pro     OTDRFI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro

At a Glance

  • ProjX™ system manages job requirements and progress from setup to systems acceptance, making sure all Ethernet and network cable tests are completed correctly
  • Taptive™ user interface simplifies set-up, eliminates errors and speeds troubleshooting
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports for copper and fiber (OLTS / OTDR) using LinkWareTM Management Software
  • Switch media, testing types or projects without losing your place on the job
  • Industry leading copper and fiber optic cabling certification and troubleshooting capability in a single, modular, future-ready design
  • Wired and Wi-Fi network troubleshooting module available

The Versiv family accelerates and error proofs every step of the process of copper and fiber certification and OTDR testing. The ProjX management system helps ensure jobs are done correctly the first time and helps tracks progress from set-up to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly for all media and test limits. The Taptive user interface simplifies set-up, eliminates testing errors, and speeds troubleshooting.

Certifying cabling starts with systems design and ends with systems acceptance. The faster that cable testing process goes, the more profitable you’ll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down -testing to the wrong limits, waiting for lead technicians to set-up or troubleshoot, misinterpreting results, and trouble putting together reports that customers can understand.

Research* shows that over 90% of contractors report dealing with issues related to set-up, cable testing, and reporting every month. More than half report dealing with seven or more issues. Add it all up and a week of labor is wasted on a typical 1,000 drop job.

Unmatched diagnostic capabilities and industry leading Ethernet and network cable testing speed for copper (ten second Cat 6A autotest), fiber (3 seconds, two fibers at both wavelengths), and OTDR (two second quick test for multimode fiber) combined with ProjX, Taptive, and LinkWare make Versiv an incredible business advantage.